Back from my holidays...

...and back to work.

Ah well, I've spent enough money in the last few weeks to warrant the need to make the money back. I'm buying an iRiver HP-120 media player soon, which is £150 out of my pocket, plus I'm supposed to be saving up for a car, or at least, I plan to ;)

Anyhow, work was slow, it was slow because this week has been so slow, people have been trying to desperately find things to do; I turned up to work today to find that my normal job had already been done by someone else, leaving me a bit lost. In the end I was shifting stuff around the store, boring gruntwork, but to be honest, it was made worse by the fact that it felt like I didn't have to be there.

But the holiday was pretty good; spent a week in France, half of which was stormy, but it wasn't that bad, and spent another week in Yorkshire at my uncles, visiting a friend coming from Ibiza, I coudl only see her for 1 day, but it was a good day, and I had some fun, plus I found things to do for the rest of the week.

Oh, plus when I got back I found that my store was offering an extra 10% off on top of our employee discount, so I bought Full Spectrum Warrior and Sonic Advance 3, both sweet games in their own right. FSW gets extra kudos for being something difference compared to other army games, which are generally FPS or RTS territory. Sonic Advance 3 is just a damned good Sonic game, wehich I haven't played in a long time since their 'advance' to 3D :P

On another note, the Monmouth Music Festival has been on this week, last night it was the Battle Of The Bands, which meant some pretty crappy music, but one gem shone through in the shape of Adequate 7. You should check out their website, no really, you should. Tonight was a bit different, as it was Blues night. It was good, in more of an amusing way than anything else; we couldn't understand the main singer/bongos player, but the way he moved was... amusing, as he thrusted at his bongos, hunched his shoulders, danced on the table, and generally had trouble standing up, to be honest, we think he was drunk, but at least he provided us with some decent entertainment ;)

Anyhow, that's it for tonight, sleep well all ;)
Glad to be home...
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Baaah to Work

So I turn up at work today to be told that I wasn't expected to be in; I'd gone home ill the Saturday before with some nasty back pains, and my boss didn't expect me in for about a week. So my usual job has already been assigned to someone else, and I ask if they still want me in, or if I should head back home (which I wouldn't mind, I only live a mile away).

"Nah, I'll find a job for you to do!"

says my manageress, and she does; sticking promotional stickers on every stationary product in the store. This is two aisles and several ends of aisles for your 'Back to School' 3 for 2 promotion. Four hours of painstakingly stickering several hundred items on shelves. Simple, but so damned boring; I was falling asleep halfways through it, but that could have been the late night I had before catching up with me. In any case, I was obscenely bored, and wish I'd never have gone in.


On the other hand, I'm sorting out seeing a friend from Ibiza soon, who's visiting the UK. The bad thing is that she's still at the other end of the country, so I'm going to have to make a big trip out of it, but it should be worth it.

I'm also considering buying a HD-based MP3 player soon; I'm either getting a Creative Zen Xtra, Creative Touch (depending on reports when it's finally released), both with an FM radio wired remote, or get an iRiver H120, which has worse support, but is better in terms of features and file format support, but I'm unsure of which. No-one say anything about the iPod either, it's overpriced for what it is.

Glad to be going on holiday soon, no work for just over a week ;)

Lights out...
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I Hate Mondays™

I don't know what it is about Mondays that I don't enjoy; even now that I've finished school, and have far too much free time, I still can't bring myself to enjoy the beginning of the week. I've got the whole day off, and I could go to a hot lesbian orgy, with a free pass and be invited to join in, and I still don't think I could bring myelf to enjoy the day.

Mondays feel empty.

On the plus side, I had a driving lesson today, and all went well, then I went to town and had to wait around for an hour to collect a prescription from the doc's, so I had a look aorund the shops, ending up buying two books and the Kill Bill Volume 1 soundtrack, which I'm currently listening to now, good stuff.

The books? Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six; a book I've been meaning to read after completing the Net Force series. Haven't started it yet though. I have a feeling it may have to wait a while. I'm terrible for procrastinating over things I really want to do sometimes ;)

The second book is Join Me by Danny Wallace; a man who was inspired to place an advert in a paper that simply said:

Join Me
Send one passport-sized photo to...
<his address>

A few days later he gets a response from one person, and this eventually expands into a quest to get more people to join, and... well, I'll let you know how it turns out, it's an interesting read so far though.

On another note, Join Me has a website, check it out.

So, that's it for my day, still enjoying Viewtiful Joe, and about to walk the dog, so there you go.

Is it really so hard?
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Does Whatever A Spider Can!

So, welcome to my journal, where I plan to talk about games, life, and whatever else comes into my mind.

Let's start  with Spider-man 2 for the Xbox. Needless to say, movie-based games  generally aren't known for their quality gameplay, or their great length, but it's nice to see that a developer has finally pulled their thumbs out of their backsides and created the game that the die-hard gamers out there have been wanting for so many years; the free-roaming nature of the game really makes you feel as if you're protecting the city  from crime, and the wide variety of events occurring make the game fun to play for lengthy periods of time. there are also a huge number of secrets and collectibles in the game, ranging from awards, to different tokens, to hunting down  over 200 hint markers in the city, with all hints being given by Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame.  The game plays well, the story's interesting, if a little short, and not brilliant, the fight scenes are  good, and webslinging around New York is more fun than shaking a whole barrel of monkeys and then letting them loose in a nunnery.

Another fantastic game I just picked up is Viewtiful Joe for the Gamecube; think side-scrolling superhero beat 'em up with time-altering movie based abilities. And it's hard. Slow down time to dodge bullets, or punch them back at opponents, or to dodge melee attacks. Go to Mach Speed to run faster than your enemies, or attack at super speed, or enter Zoom mode to zoom in on yourself and execute special attacks. Not only is this all very cool, but the game is hard, REALLY hard, I spent a long time trying to defeat the first end boss; a helicopter, I was almost ready to give up until I realised I could use slow-mo to turn his attacks against him. God it's hard. I'm nowhere near defeating the game yet, but replaying the levels after  dying so many times ,because it's hard, is never infuriating due to the immense fun I'm having. Did I mention that this game is hard?

That's it for today, anyhow. Right now, I feel some hardcore coffee coming on.

Mmmm... caffinated goodnezz...
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